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What is The Cipher Brief Threat Conference?

The Cipher Brief Threat Conference provides a forum for a non-political presentation of threats and solutions and produces high-level engagement opportunities focused on understanding national and global security threats. This one-of-a-kind, invite-only global threat conference featuring dozens of high-level experts from The Cipher Brief’s Expert Network as well as Executives from some of the world’s leading private sector companies. ​​


What are the dates for The Cipher Brief Threat Conference 2018?

The Cipher Brief Threat Conference 2018 will take place on Sunday, April 8, through Tuesday, April 10.


Where is ThreatCon held?

The Cipher Brief Threat Conference is held annually at The Cloister Hotel in Sea Island, GA.


Who should attend the Forum?

The Cipher Brief Threat Conference is the premier event for leaders in the public and private sectors. This often includes; former government officials, c-suite executives, venture capitalists, non-government agency executives, and members of the press.


When do days start and end?

All days at ThreatCon (first day exempt) begin with a keynote breakfast at 8:00 AM. Programmed sessions begin promptly at 9:00 AM and continue with scheduled breaks until 8:00 PM.


When will the agenda be released to the public?

The agenda for The Cipher Brief Threat Conference 2018 will be released to the public on our conference website at the beginning of March 2018, though speaker lists will be posted on a rolling basis in early 2018.


Can I obtain a list of attendees attending ThreatCon?

The Cipher Brief Threat Conference does not release the names of attendees to the public, only sponsors. A list of companies represented will be released to attendees at the conference.


What is the dress code for The Cipher Brief Threat Conference?

Attire throughout ThreatCon usually include; sport coat for men but no ties are necessary. For women; typical attire means blouse and slacks or a daytime dress.


What is the weather like in Sea Island?

Temperatures in Sea Island range from an average of 75 degrees during the day to 65 degrees at night. Georgia is especially humid this type of year so be prepared when walking to the speaker locations (2-3 blocks). Morning and afternoon rainstorms are common.

Will ThreatCon be televised, streamed, or recorded?

The Cipher Brief Threat Conference will not be televised or streamed. Certain, non-Chatham House Rules, panels and speakers will be recorded and available to conference attendees on our website.


Will there be events at ThreatCon be open to the public?

No. The Cipher Brief Threat Conference is an invite only event.


How do I receive ThreatCon updates throughout the year?

To receive ThreatCon updates, please subscribe to our newsletter below.



What is the closest airport to Sea Island?

For closest airports, please visit our travel page.


Does registration include hotel and airfare?

During the registration process you will select your lodging preference and pay for it all at one location. Registration does not include the cost of airfare so we ask that attendees book airfare through their respective airline.


Where can I stay during ThreatCon?

You will have 4 hotel choices at the conference; The Ocean Residences, The Cloister Main Building, The Beach Club, and The Lodge (located a 15-minute drive from where the events are held).


How can I get around Sea Island during ThreatCon?

Sea Island has their own shuttle system that comes to each of the hotels every 30 minutes to take you to and from the event location. We also recommend that you rent a car from the airport for easier transportation.


Will there be food served during ThreatCon?

The Cipher Brief Threat Conference provides attendees with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There will also be a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres and drinks offered throughout the Conference. Vegetarian options are always served with each meal.



How do I receive an invite to The Cipher Brief Threat Conference 2018?

Please visit our Registration page to apply for an invite. It will be reviewed by our events team and you will be notified if you have been accepted.


What does the cost of my registration include?

Your registration guarantees you to access to all programming, receptions, and events included in the official agenda. Lodging is also included when you select the type of room you’d like during the registration process.


What is included in my registration packet?

In addition to a ThreatCon badge, attendees will receive an official Cipher Brief Threat Conference agenda, a list of companies attending, and an official ThreatCon bag.


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation can take place one week prior to the start of the conference, however, we do not allow refunds. If you wish to substitute your pass to someone else, please return to the registration page and sign in to proceed to the substitution screen.


I’m interested in attending ThreatCon as a member of the media. How do I apply for press credentials?

The Cipher Brief Threat Conference provides a limited number of press passes to qualified individuals who wish to attend the Forum as a member of the media. Please request an invitation through our registration page and someone from the events team will reach out to you.

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