JUNE 21-23, 2017


Dr. Jason Matheny

Director, IARPA

Thomas Fanning

President & CEO, Southern Company

Dmitri Alperovitch

Co-Founder & CTO, CrowdStrike Inc.

Robert Dannenberg

Former Managing Director and Head of the Office of Global Security, Goldman Sachs

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Tim Estes

Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO, Digital Reasoning

Mitch Silber

Head of Geopolitical Intelligence FTI Consulting

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Michael Sulick

Senior Partner, Threat Pattern LLC

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Alasdair Gordon

CEO, Shearwater, LLC

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Todd Rosenblum

Senior Executive for National Security Programs, IBM

John Bennett

Board Member, Studies in Intelligence

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Kimberly Dozier

Senior National Security Correspondent & Global Affairs Analyst, The Daily Beast & CNN

David Kramer

U.S. Military & Government Sales, Arc'teryx, Uber Group, LLC

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Dr. Deborah Frincke

Director of Research, NSA

Ray Mabus

Former Secretary of the Navy

Dr. Michael Sulmeyer

Belfer Center - Director of Cyber Security Projects, Harvard Kennedy School

Robert Richer

CEO & President, Uptima Group

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Max Brooks

Best-Selling Author, "World War Z"

Emile Nakhleh

Research Professor & Director of the Global and National Security Policy Institute, University of New Mexico

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Randy Sabett

Vice Chair of the Privacy & Data Protection Practice Group, Cooley LLP

Doug Wise

Former Deputy Director, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

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Matt Devost

Managing Director of Cyber Defense, Accenture Security & Founder, FusionX BP

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Steven Bay

Director of Threat Reconnaissance & Intelligence, Security On-Demand

David Sanger

National Security Correspondent, The New York Times

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Thomas Donahue

Research Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (ODNI)

Thomas Tull

Founder, TULCO

John McLaughlin

Distinguished Practitioner, Johns Hopkins University

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Robert Griffin

CEO, Ayasdi, Inc.

John Sipher

Director of Client Services CrossLead, Inc.

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Alex Bolling

Vice President for Security CSRA

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Paul Kolbe

Director of International Security Affairs BP

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Mark Kelton