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2022 Threat Conference


2022 Threat Conference
October 9–11, 2022

"It's not about who's on stage. It's about who's in the room."

National Security is Everyone's Business.

Join The Cipher Brief and national security leaders from government and the private sector as we engage in exercises and expert-led conversations on issues including China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, Quantum, AI/ML, Cyber, Emerging Tech, Espionage, Alliances, Digital Transformation and Foreign Malign Influence.

Cipher Brief sessions are expertly crafted and focused on ways the public and private sectors can most efficiently work together to address key national security challenges.

To keep conversations at the highest level possible, attendance is by invitation only and is limited to professionals working in the national security space. 

Come prepared to engage in exercises meant to raise awareness of key national security threats and leave more connected than ever to the national security community. 

2021 Conference Speakers
Thank you to the speakers who supported this year's conference.
2022 Conference Speakers