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Natalie Laing
Deputy Director of Operations, NSA

Ms. Laing joined the NSA in 1997 as an Intelligence Analyst and since that time has served in a variety of analytic and managerial positions in the NSA's Deputy Directorate for Analysis and Production, the Information Warfare Support Center and a joint NSA/CIA organization. She supported NSA, EUCOM, and CENTCOM missions through deployments and served as the NSA Liaison to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She served as the Analysis and Production Directorate's Chief of Operations and the Deputy Global Capabilities Manager for the Office of China and Korea. She was NSA'S s Senior Representative to the Presidential Working Group for media leaks and served as Director of RAF Menwith Hill. From there, she served as NSA Chief of Staff and is now the Deputy Director of Operations, on of NSA's major Directorates

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